What looper are you looping

Title, what are you looping!!

I aren’t be looping a looper

pair of stock raiders. not the best, but neither am I.

Duncan speed beetles I swear the smoothest loopers ever!

Hummingbird Trickster.

Modded Raider EXs :]

I usually throw sunsets or unleashed, but I’ve been doing loop 808s the past week or so

YYJ Unleashed ;D

Very happy with them. I haven’t had the opportunity to try others, but these are quite comfortable in the hand.

Also, I’d think most of the loopers being thrown are very similar or provide less difference and variety than the unresponsive yoyos out there.


BC Classic.

Bumblebees. Anyone know how to make it more responsive? I have the dark small spacers in so the gap is small but the pads (brake pads) keep wearing out. and even with new ones in it is still to unresponsive for my taste. any suggestions?

Lube the bearing. Works every time.

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YYJ Unleashed with paper caps, 2 drops of thick YYJ Lube and YYE white Slick6. All 6 set up the same way.

I’ve been looping some Spintastics Riots. Interesting old school loopers.

proyos and a raider and a fire ball with loop 900 insides


A Raider. I ordered a second one, with plastic spacers. Going to mod it and make the response perfect.

I’m looping one bumblebee, soon to be two 1080’s. :smiley: