What is your favorite cheap looper?

yeap, and I’m sorry if I left some out. I also left out the raider because you have to mod it, but feel free to say it in the comments.

Raider unmodded.
Why mod it, the spacers are exactly as they should be if you watch Josh Yees mod your raider video, plastic spacers may need to sanded down but the metal ones I find are perfect.
They sit at the exact level I have seen in pictures and in Joshs video, I was going to try and file them down, but then I discovered they were perfect to start with!
I do add Vaseline for response and use a slik 6 50/50.
So while it is not straight out of the package, there are no physical alterations made. I don’t over-crank them because it is just too easy to ruin the yoyo, and they seem to work just fine with the gap they have.

PS: I do want to try the Shinwoo Loop2, they look great for 10.00$

hmm…I love your reasoning! ;D Where do you put the Vaseline btw?

Pro-Yo FTW! They’re ultra affordable, can find them in local stores (sometimes), and they’re pretty smooth-playing and slim.

Runner up would have to be the Limelight, which is what happens when a Pro-Yo and a Pulse get together…a wooden axle Pulse yoyo. Also ultra affordable, no worn friction stickers, feels like a classic yoyo, (I got mine for $2 on the discontinued/bargain bin shelf at Walmart) and they light up! What holds this back (and I’m sure this applies to the pulse also) is that if it smacks into something or hits your hand too hard, the spring contact gets lodged and the circuit gets stuck in the ‘on’ position until you either take off the caps and correct it or you hit it again to free the spring contact.

All loopers except the blind orbiter are cheap, if you mean inexpensive cheap.

? What are you talking about?!?!

I think $20 is a lot for a looping yo-yo. I think $20 is a lot for any yo-yo!

Right now, I’m trying out different types of weight rings on a bumblebee. I don’t think their very good, and I like my pulses better, but I like the cork-rubber response. Their just too light.

BC spitfire or champion. Followed by unmodded raiders.

What about the imperial? If you get the string tension tight enough it’s a monster gOod looper.

Limelight. Though I still like my duncan NEO yoyo…