Duncan bee

How does it play for looping the mall has them for $4 bucks a piece and I’m thing if getting one but don’t want to waste my money . Should I get a fire ball or raider instead with a little mor money or neither just save up for a loop 808 /900/ 1080?

it depends on how into looping you are

Beginner - intermediate

The bumble bee is great, if you have a looping lube. you will also want to get extra Brake pads. My Bumblebee is now almost completely unresponsive. But i changed the pads and it is back to normal. it is not super responsive like a raider or a fireball. If you are planning on getting 2 i would save up for 2 raiders instead. The starbust on a raider doesn’t require replacement.

Raider requires less work, and is more responsive.

Bumblebee requires replacements, and is less responsive.

For $4, go for it. That is a great deal.

Forgot to add that ;). Is the raider discounted? I got my Bee for $6, because I got a older one with no package. I was actually surprised they just put it in the package. Nothing.

I have to politely disagree with the Raider synopsis. It goes unresponsive fairly quickly, and is very well known as having a gap that’s too wide for real looping out of the box. That’s why there are so many mods for the Raider, most of which are aimed at narrowing the gap.

For $4, get the Bee(s) and have some fun! But then save up for a more looping-specific yoyo like the 900 or whatnot.

Ok sounds good