Raider for looping

Just wondering how the raider is for looping and can anyone give me a review. Also how do you rate it?


the raiders are ok, but i’d go with a sunset or a loop 720 or 900 instead


raiders are only good if you mod them, and i think sunsets are better even if you do.

Actually, they’re not horrible stock. Sure I like my relics more, but stock raiders aren’t the worst things ever.

i didnt say they were, and i think they are ok stock.

i would say that the loop 720 or 900 are better
that is what i prefer

Loop 900

Beginners: Loop 720, experienced 2A players who are good at it and have hard tricks in hand: Loop 900. Well, the Loop 900 is like the ultimate 2A yoyo in a lot of people’s preferences, and it is good for beginners and intermediate and advanced looping, so yeah the Loop 900 rules for 2A!!!

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To answer the OP’s question, I’d go with a Raider EX, which comes with a few sets of different width spacers so you don’t have to modify them. I put the thinnest (red) spacers in mine, overcranked it just a little bit and it outperforms my Loop 720s and Sunsets by a longshot. Get a pair of those if you can find them or wait until the Loop 900s drop in retail, though they will be more expensive.