raider or loop720

Hi guys, I want to start looping and found some cheap loop720 and raiders…
I am trying to decide which one to get. I do not have any thick oil… I know that loop720 dont need any oil but is the raider same?
Also which one is better for begininer?

Raiders need to be modded to make them good loopers. Their gaps are just to big to loop effectively. For a beginner I suggest the Loop 720’s.

i sugest loop 720 or wait till the loop 900 comes out which has an adjustable gap just amazing

loop 900

The reason I am chosing between these two is because I found them at 10bucks for pair… I thought it was a good price so I wanted to buy one of them, I dont want loop900 until I get more serious because they are 50bucks for pair if they release for the same price they were sold at BAC.
Thanks for everything guys! I think I am going to get loop720 :slight_smile: