Looping help

I been looking at some cheaper loopers, and I saw a few. What would you recommend? Duncan speed beetle, yoyojam unleashed (already have bumblebee) loop 808. Or any other cheep loopers. I’m getting 2 1080’s but I’d like a cheaper pair.

I’ve finally opened my Loop 1080’s. Once you get them set up right(gap and lube), they are fantastic. You won’t need anything else.

I still prefer my Unleashed, won’t deny it. But if you’re going for cheap yet still want great performance, the YYF Loop 808’s are the way to go. Again, I still feel the Unleashed perform better. But, we have to look at pair prices.

Loop 808s: Pair cost me $20 at Nationals, will cost you $24
Unleashed: A pair will cost you $38
Loop 1080’s will cost you $48 for a pair, but so will Loop900’s too.

BIG cost differences.

The Unleashed is heavier than the 808’s, as well as larger. It would overall be a better choice. It’s more to what is more standardized.

Then again, you can pair up your speed beetle or bumblebee with a second.

If price is a big factor then Loop 808s would be the way to go.

I’m confused as to why you’re looking for a cheaper pair when you already have 2 1080s on the way. But if you want one, I’d say go with unleashed. or speed beetles/pulses if you wanna go even cheaper.

If you said duncan speed beetle get them! There nice and light and if you put in the other spacers there a dead smooth looper they are fantastic! I found my speed beetle at a toy shop for a $2 so you know there out there cheaper as well! Not to mention the duncan speed beetle can do everything flawless as well as cheap these are my all time favorite!

Im Going to love my 1080’s thanks Chris. I’d like another pair because the 1080’s and 900’s were supposed to be the best and I’d like to compare, ALSO, as I’ve witnessed my bumblebee is practically unresponsive (yes I’ve lubed) and my friends 900 popped back to my hands barely without a tug. And i do not want to take my pair of 1080’s everywhere, they might break where as a 10-15 dollar loopers I can easily replace.

So I’m looking for a pair other than the 1080’s and 900’s that are very very responsive.

Another thing Studio I heard that the 808’s had a cap loosening problem?

I dunno about 1080s, but loop 900s are darn near indestructible. I’ve had the string snap on a really hard around the world, causing the yoyo to slam into my ceiling (hard enough to dent my ceiling) and there’s hardly a scratch on them.

Yes, I can validate that the caps can in fact come loose. They just spin inside the yoyo. Both my green and red Loop 808’s do this as well as the red and green pair my son has.

I buy my loopers in non-matching pairs so I can swap halves. The funny thing is I never swap halves. I have this wonderful plan for my Unleashed, but I’m just too lazy to pop the caps and do the swaps.

Do they make a weird noise? And can you pop em’ out, or not?

They make the noise of a cap spinning inside the half. That’s all I can really say to describe. It’s this plastic swirly noise.

Pop them out? I’m sure I could. Suction cup and/or tape? Not sure where the graphic is, either on the outside or under the cap. The bigger question is: Will I pop them out? Nope, I’m not going to.

So they have bolt and nut axel. Like cab you pop em’ out like the FHZ.

That would probably be the best way to do it. It makes sense.

Wait for YYE to stock up on Adegle Macaron :] I’ve heard good things about it and it’s a bang for your buck. Go grab a pair.

Thanks everyone! I just got my 1080 it’s amazing love it. I think I’ll go for 808’s, unleashed, or the new looper mentioned ubove. THANKS!