what kind of yoyo is the best?

all metal yoyos or plastic with metal ring??

Once again, there is no best yo-yo, or best kind of yo-yo. It’s what’s you think is best. It’s all preference. I said this before…


But if you must know, IN MY OPINION, :wink: I like all metal yo-yo’s better. :wink:

I just find that yyj yoyos in general do not play very well. So all metal is better IMO

Well, that’s your preference.

it is all preference. someone may think that their dm is a million times better than an eight8eight or c22. it all comes back to what that person likes.


I think we are taking this preference thing a bit too far. Metals are on a whole other level of smoothness compared to some metal-rimmed yoyos.

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I beg to differ. I have some YYJ yo’s that are as smooth as any metal out there. You just have to find the right ones. Also I’ve seen major titles won with an all plastic yoyo so the comparison of metal to plastic is out the window. I actyually have a legacy that is DEAD smooth! I also have metals that are dead smooth.

Here is how to find out for yourself.
Find a local meet in your area. There are usually clubs that meet once a month in most states.
When you get there try every yoyo you can. Plastic or metal. Don’t worry if you ask they will let you. Then you can make an educated guess on what you like and want.

I’m really going to grab some details as thin as hair here but:

Mine has a vibe?

But you are right, we see dead smooth plastics and metal-rimmed yoyos coming out. You still see a lot of people wanting metal over plastic/metal-rimmed, and I can see why. You can also see that the amount of companies making plastics isn’t that big compared to companies making metal yoyos. It is great to see that both YYF and YYJ are not focusing everything they can on metals.

Addment: Worlds used to be won on metal-rimmed yoyos not long ago.

Again, I agree with Pheenix.

You guy’s must understand why most companies don’t make plastics though. A lot of these metal only yoyo companies are just yoyoing machinists. The figure since they work at a machine shop and they know about yoyo’s then why not make em and sell em. On the flip side to this there are only larger companies making plastics due to the shear cost of making molds and all that jazz. That’s why you only see companies like YYJ, YYF, Duncan, yomega and a few others making plastics. Some of these companies have larger mother companies that have the money to spend on the set-up and molding of plastic. It also takes way less time to make metal yoyo’s from design to final product than plastics.
This is what I believe.

That being said, I still like both! lol

Mickey won 3 1A world championships with metal rimmed speeder!!

Yep! Pretty amazing!

Just to point out. 03, 04, 05, and 06 was (in the 1a division) won on metal-rimmed yoyos.

Guys, we get its all preference. :stuck_out_tongue:

My K-os is standing up there with some of my metals, same with the Legacy. But do we really need to repeat all that?