What kind of string does Jensen use?

What kind of string does Jensen use? I’m guessing he uses normal polly but I’m just a bit curious.

Does it really matter?

No not really.

dont be rude, c’mon I’m just wondering.

Cant I ask questions? yeah I can

How about you ask him. None of us know.

If you dont know then DONT post. there’s plenty of people on this forum I’m just asking around. Chill out.

He uses standard polys, he mentions it in a video from a while back.

Thanks dude.

Absolutely no point to this post. Like he said if you don’t know why post?

Seriously people. No need to be jerks to someone who asks a question. The “If you don’t know don’t post” advice is spot on. If you don’t know, no need to post. Let someone who does know post the answer.