I Don't Know What String to Use....

… i was going to use some toxic’s tomorrow, if i’m not working. There’s a yoyo meet-up in Toronto…

…But i guess i’ll just use 100% Poly, like the Pocket, if you know what i’m saying.

(sorry, i don’t know if anyone will get the difference but i said it without thinking, thought i should share my lols)

I tried a Toxic String. I personally didn’t care for it. It is taking forever to break in, but it should wear like no other. Ripped the heck out of my freshly siliconed DM2’s response. Then again, I can always re-silicone.

I’m sure if I played it really hard and got it good and broken in, I’d like it.

Tomorrow, I have some other strings to test… I’m over-due on this so I gotta get to it. My normal string is 100% poly from YYE. I have some Kitty string I want to try as well that I got from another location.

Just go with standard Poly.

People will always try to hype up a smaller company string, but the fact is that nothing besides the standard is needed. The industry standard is all you need to yoyo well, and Poly is great at doing just that.

Other will try to tell you how great “company” string is and try to give reasons why it holds a loop better, slacks better, last longer, etc. But dont give in to all of that. String is string, and you don’t need some special overpriced hype noodle.

Poly is the way to go. And don’t listen to anyone who tries to say otherwise. Like I often say, Im the only voice of reason.




I have tried alot of different strings. Standard poly they sell seems to be a little too short for my liking. My favorites are Gstring and string lab type x. Not a fan of toxic. Has a weird feel and I agree with studio they take a long time to break in.