Strings: Hints, tips, general experience.

If this thread already exists I apologize. I feel my subject title will aid newer members in finding answers quickly.

What do you guys/gals prefer in terms of string? Please respond with any of the following, be it insight, experience, or even suggestions for new product ideas!

-Type/Brand (No references to other stores please)
-break in time
-response to cornmeal, tal. powder, rice, etc…

-Your preference! Please include what your main throw is too. We should respect the fact that yoyo string responds differently to all yoyos and players.

I mainly use highlights strings. I usually go through about 1 a day, but that is the case for all my yoyos. These yoyos include:
-General yo Essence
-CLYW Gnarwhal
-CLYW Wooly Marmot
-STYY Remnant 2

When they are new they hold their string tension incredibly well, but like all strings are almost impossible to keep a good string tension once they get worn out.

In terms of length, I’m 4’ 11" and they are a great in-between length for me.

They are 100% polyester.

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Great! Keep’m coming people!

I throw a one drop 54. Honestly I like the YYE brand of 100% poly. Out of all the other strings I’ve tried they are still my preference. They come in the perfect length for me (im 5’8"). They usually last me two to three days and I throw about 2 hours a day. Sometimes more. Honestly, I like them BETTER after they have been worn in. They hold tension better.

This is horrible. Or at least my example is:

Moving up in skill and preference… everything I have is on either YYE Slick 6, and when those wear out, YYE 100% poly.

I’m 5’6", and I don’t seem to need to adjust the string length, which is a nice bonus for me. Strings can last me a good long while since I don’t get to throw that much. Wish I could throw more, not so I could wear down more strings, but so I can have more fun!

I use white polys usually, although the last batch I bought had defects so I switched to yellow poly, but I prefer the play of white much more.

For 2A, I use 50/50 type 6s. The best for me when it comes to 1A


The last bunch of string I bought was a three color blend and I don’t like it at all. I really prefer using white, green, or yellow poly string. I’ve tried thoseKevlar and other blends but nothing compares to pure poly, IMO.