What String do you use?

I just recently bought 100% Poly string last week and it arrived a day ago. I bought three 5-packs of green, pink and orange. i threw out the old cotton string and replaced it with a very nice smelling green poly string. I didn’t notice much of a difference at first until iI noticed it was a little less responsive than a broken in cotton string after a while, which wasn’t that great cause I’m using a FH0 with just 1 burnt out friction sticker and binds were terrible. i put another burnt out friction sticker in there and it was all better! this is the first time I’ve used anything other than cotton.

What string do you guys like to use? What would you recommend? I’m getting better at 1A and looking to better equip myself for more advanced tricks.

i have tried many kinds but lately i’ve tried making my own, it works better, is cheaper, and more fun

Perfect Fit String 20/80 Blend.

Whatever is cheap and think (generally highlights).

Although, I did try some Gator Floss and I must say it was fantastic.

Highlights, Day Glow, and Elements!

Elements are my favorite though. PM Paolo to order, but I’m not sure if he’s curently accepting orders or not.

Thanks for the replies! I was thinking on trying some Angel Hair later down the road but after reading into it… i don’t know :-.

Samad! I see you freaking everywhere! your awesome. ;D

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Why thank you. Haha

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I think you can get really far with just sticking with polys for now. I really like Brazilian Mondos, but they’re pretty hard to find. If you want to experiment, by all means, check out some of the string makers we have here on the forums. In the Buy/Sell/Trade section, there’s a locked thread named “ATTENTION ALL STRING SELLERS!!!” that has alot of the string sellers on the forum in it.

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Thx! I’ll stick to poly for a while like you said. Sounds like a good idea ;).