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What is the best sleeping/performing yo yo that I can get from Billy Bobs bait and tackle emporium under 25$?

Please refrain from referencing other sites to purchase yoyos. skitrz

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Don’t mention other stores please…

Also, not a whole lot, but I would recommend looking at the C3 Alpha Crash. It’s your best bet.

I think people need to get over this whole sleeping thing. If you’re just doing sleepers to evaluate a bearing, then fine. Otherwise, as soon a you start doing stuff, it will affect the sleep times. Just because you can get 9+ minutes of sleep time doesn’t mean that you’ll get 9 minutes of tricks out of it.

Under $25? Legacy II, PSG, Asteroid, Classic with a bearing upgrade. ONEStar too once those drop.

Pick one. Have fun.

What the heck… I didn’t say Billy Bob or whatever…

Thats the code name for another online yoyo store. you can’t refer to other yoyo stores.

They have great lures…



Here’s a quick quiz:

What is www.yoyoexpert.com?

Who owns and maintains this free Yoyoexpert forum?

Based on the above questions, and in your own words, why do you think it might be rude to ask what you can buy at Billy Bob’s on this forum?

I know you said under 25$ but trust me if u save a little money a protostar by yoyo factory will be your best bet

I love billy bobs bait and tackle emporium too

Nah, for the price, just buy a C3 Alpha Crash.

Op…you been starting a lot of threads huh? Anyways, billy bobs is not the best place to buy yoyos. It’s always yoyo expert.

What?! I got my CLYW AC from billy bobs. Quick shipping, and the throw was flawless. Oh wait… That was yoyoexpert.