What is your Personal Record for Loop The Loos?

Are you what the Yo-Yo World would consider a good Looper? Do you like to perform Loop The Loops? What is your Personal Highest Recorded Amount of Loop The Loops? One Handed and Two Handed.

How long did it take you to get good at Loop The Loops? What are your Top 4 Favorite Loop The Loop Yo-Yo?

I honestly don’t think I’d be considered a good looper. I perform it whenever I’m brushing up on it as well as 2A stuff. My personal record for 1 handed inside loops is around 230ish and maybe like 5-10 for 2A loops (not a 2A player)

It took me around 3-6 months to hit that amount but I also started throwing where responsive playing was the only thing available. Only favorite looper I like is duncan speed Beatle, and team losi da bomb/grim sleeper with a line side pog stickers.

I’ve gotten about 10ish for both hands, alternating.

I think I’ve gotten 60ish with one hand, but they were a little sloppy.

1 Hand: 17
2 Hands: 2 (My left hand stinks)

Interesting. yah my own record with 1 hand is also much higher than with 2 hands. With 1 hand I can usually do around 100 with ease but my record is well over 300. Alternating 2 hands, I can usually stick between 20-30 before it some how gets off balance… the only thing I could think is maybe because I don’t do it often enough to be that good at it. My 2 hand record is probably around 65-70???ish. That would be during a day where I only am doing that trick and that trick only. Two hand looping isn’t an easy endeavor, its still very difficult to me. I get these kinda results with my Bumblebees, Raiders, and Speed Beatles. I am hoping to get sum 1080’s and Hornets 1 day.