What is the average amount of loops you can do? I do about 10. ;D

150 and I mess up.

147, yeah!,148, 149, 150! o My goshness! Oh Crudh! NO!O!!!one1! Mess up

lol, i did 210 loops before it flies out of my string lol

I just picked uo pooling so i’m up to 20

Average is somewhere between 25 and 30 probably.

Perfect loops? 30 or so.

Badish loops: 100 or so.

5? I don’t loop.

i can get 2 if im lucky

i can get preatty high around 300 till my string is wound the other way

inside loops: 110 till the yoyo falls off due to a loose string.

alternating loops: I did 518 once.

Thats my record.