How long did it take you to start looping?

Ok, I started looping about two or three days ago, and I was wondering what the learning curve is. ??? I’m (about) equal in both my dominate and non-dominate hands. :slight_smile:
So far my record is 6 with my dom and 4 with my non, using Duncan Profires.

Thanks in advance! ;D


I have a profire and I can’t get that thing to even think about looping so your good. I use my friend’s sunset and it didn’t take me to long learn some stuff, maybe a week of good looping with both hands.

I got how to loop with right in like 3 days, but I still can’t do both!

Little bit less than an hour.

Dude thats insane! :oi’m going to go crawl in a corner and cry lol

We all have our paces.

I am more of a slow learner, It took me a good week of 2-3 hours to learn to get my right hand down.

Everyone works at their own pace. (Do I sound like a teacher? Phiz?)

I am too a slow learner,all this applies to me.

It’s good to hear i’m not as far behind as i was afraid of. :slight_smile: Just curious, does it get easier with better quality yoyo? or is it all on me?

Its took me about a week to be alright with my dominate hand. I cant get one loop with my non-dom hand but Im not half bad with my right. Like when I went to Disney world with the band we were waiting in line for about an hour and I went for a few minutes at a time. If I dont loop for a few days I suck.

when did you go? i went with my schools band last spring break.
but thats cool man. ya i can’t seem to loop with both at the same time. :frowning: Its either one or the other.

It took about a day for me to be able to loop with both hands.You just need to practice a lot.

when did you go? i went with my schools band last spring break.
It was spring break this year (Just a month ago)
It was Disney’s Magic Music Days or somthing? I dont know, it was cool though, marching out infront of Cinderella castle.

you will be learning forever. your lucky for your progress. it took me a about a month or so even to understand the zen of loopingwith my right hand, but i still lack real real consistency. more the more I understood looping with my right hand, the more the left hand followed suit, but in a more stupid, dumb little brother kinda way. like if you can write with your right hand, you can pull off writing with your left, if you have gorgeous right handwriting, then your left handwriting will most likely be better because your brain has really captured the movement of proper design, so your left hand has a better foundation. which is cool
no matter how much you use your right hand, your left hand will always learn something, but to really balance things out, cut your right hand off. not literally, of course, take it out of the equation, unless your perfectly ambidextrous, your left hand will be developed differently, different muscle have different developed muscles and muscle memories, dexterity pinpoints. little things change how things work. if you play CS, your first three fingers will have some beefy dexterity and muscle. if you play super nintendo emulators and use the usual design, your right hand will have the development and only two fingers have strenuous use.
what the heck am i talking about? use your left hand more, its satisfying to work through and make a full balance, thats it.

All together it probably took about a week to learn with both hands, however I don’t really loop consistently, it’s hard for me, and I don’t practice it as much as I could. I’ve been working more on 1A, but I do think 2A is really cool and would love to be good at it someday. I need to get another Pulse or something so that I can practice with both hands at once, but I have promised I won’t buy another yo-yo until my birthday… :-…we’ll see how that holds up.

Old thread is really really old

Wow it is I had no idea. I guess I don’t pay attention to that stuff haha.

I learned how to loop with both for about 3 loops in 3 days.

I come back to yo’ing every few years. For me, looping clicked when I focused on keeping the yo-yo almost straight up and down and also made an effort to loop it back out while it was a bit further from my hand. I found that when I initiate the loop sooner (so it is further away), the yo-yo stays much straighter.

About one week of dedicated practice. I used the Yomega Raider and Firefly to accomplish this. I then took out a Duncan Profly that I paid $3.99 for at Walmart. That sucker actually loops better than the Yomegas. I think the Profly does loops more consistently because it requires less maintenance than the Yomegas. The Yomegas require the lube occassionally which causes a drop in performance until I lube 'em up. I am also able to left-hand loop, but not as consistently. I’ll practice some more.

took me about a week to loop with my right hand. but not me almost no time to loop with my left do as good if not better. I don’t know I am a righty though. But it seem that everything I learned for my right, I can do it with my left, just as good if not better. I guess everyone is different. In the end of the day, having fun is what is really matter too me. haha