What is your opinion of the Catch 13?

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I was maybe thinking about picking one of these C13’s at the BLC on the first. I know most of you have not used one, but what is your opinion of them? Do you think they are stable, have any flaws? What’s your opinion?


From what I have read and seen, it will be a great yoyo. Because of that design it will be very very smooth and stable. I’m sure that since this is the first of them they will have a slight flaw somewhere, but I doubt that will affect anything majorly.

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Thanks for the help!


The paintjobs they got for the C13 literally took my breath away.

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It will probably have good rim-weight. I’m not totally psyched about this release, but then I’m not that psyched about most new releases.


Yeah, same here.

I think it is a mix of the C22 and Frantic, but thicker. Like the outside facing rims are thick compared to flat walls. To me, it is more “rounded” than narrow and has many more astectics (spelling?) on the paint jobs than to put it together structuraly. Either way, it is a stunning yoyo, and is sure to be a #1 seller within a matter of months.

I don’t know how you guys would react, but I definetly wouldn’t buy it. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m not. I would rather spend my money on a yoyo that is more towards a better in preference brand. It looks amazing, but in my opinion, have you ever seen that Windows commercial of the laptop on a budget thing? Where they go to the MAC’s and say something like MAC’s are more of looks than performance? That is almost what I think of the C13 and C22. They are more of looks than play. Please, don’t judge me, but that is my opinion. The C13 is going to be overrated in about 1/5 months if players keep talking about it. But a good overrated.

But really, I wouldn’t want it ever unless I win it.


Mac’s are NOT more of looks then performance. Seriously…they… they kick butt.


Oh, haha, no Samad. I meant that it was on the commercials, not in my words. But in my words, I don’t like them.


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I don’t think one can say that the C22 is more looks than play. It was made to play as good as people wanted their dream yoyo to play. I doubt the C13 will play just as good as the C22, but I think that it will deliver solid play.

Addment: I think that macs are awesome. I cannot buy one because my school requires that our computers use Windows and I don’t want to buy two computers.


Some new Macs can use Windows also.

Anyways, yes the Catch 13 is probably going to be overrated but oh well.

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So… do you think I should get one?


Its up to your my friend. Its your choice to pick, and we don’t have to force you to choose the yoyo. :wink:

Happy Throwing! ==]


The good news is that if you are at BLC you can try one. Then you can let everyone else know how they play before they get to YoYoExpert ;D


Remembers seeing a Catch 13 at BAC and thinking “they probably won’t make it, so I won’t try it.”


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That’s so awesome! I didn’t know you could try them! COOL! YEAH! :slight_smile: