Have You HEard of the Catch13?


more info here!

credits to Dr. Yo-Yo



Yep, I saw it already…

Happy Throwing! =]

Yup, saw it a while ago. Its also on my site, but who cares about that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Real credits go to Ben

I don’t care how much it costs. I am putting aside money right now for when it comes out twitchso… shiney… twitch

Lol the first time I saw that was yesterday on Gm user’s site ;D

Looks awesome though, definitely looks better than a frantic imo.

Well this thing will only cost a fraction of the C22. Ben actually said that this will be closer to a fundaMETAL’s price than a premium price.

it said that they will release 10 products in 5 weeks

It’s just a metal Frantic.

The Frantic is a metal Frantic ???

This is thing is the affordable Catch 22 as the Frantic was just inspired by it.

No, I mean the C13 is MORE of a metal Frantic, like it has different looks than a Frantic, but nearly the same.

Then you could just say ‘looks like the Frantic’ or something. You said:

Which is like saying that 09 888 is just a metal 07 888.

Addment: It has better rim-weight as well. This thing won’t play like the Frantic.

I know… every one is like C13! and its like… 10 products in 5 weeks… two new throws a week.

Spintops, and Signature yoyos… I think…

Nearly all of the specs are going to be different then the frantic

I’ve already seen this.

LIES! :stuck_out_tongue:

No not really, saw it on YoYoSkills 4 or 5 days ago.

Oh I was kidding then.

Oh, sorry. Keep it spinning!