C-13 vs. Frantic?

OK, as we all know, Yoyofactory recently released a new yo-yo called the C-13. They called this the aluminum Catch-22. This was made as a cheaper version of the $450 yo-yo. BUT as I recall, a few weeks before the C-13 was revealed, the Yoyofactory Frantic was released. I believe this was also designed as a cheaper version of the Catch-22. Now, I see that the C-13 has posts and nubs, but does that REALLY make it worth $20 more? As I see it, other than the posts and different paint jobs the yo-yos are the same. Can anybody explain?

The C-13 has better weight distribution and nubs for hubstacks.

Oh, and I haven’t looked at the specs, but the C-13 feels slightly larger.

What is with all these C13 vs. Frantic, Dv888 vs. Frantic, BOSS vs. C13 topics lately? The C13 and Frantic are both very good yo-yo’s, but the C13 could use a price drop big time.

I wasn’t asking which yo-yo I should tet, I was wondering what the difference between them is and why they released both of them.

That’s only your preference. I like the C13 very much and I think the price is very reasonable.

YYF said themselves that the C13 is pushing today’s technology on the rim weight. They said that is was an extremely difficult yo-yo to make. And it also has a thumb grind lip whereas the frantic does not. That might be a couple of reasons why it is more expensive. Oh, and just to clear things up, it doesn’t cost any more to add a thumb grind post than to leave it off.

catch 13

The Frantic is NOT the affordable C22. It is just heavily inspired by it. The amazing things about the C22 was the rim-weight, and YYF tried to recreate this rim-weight on the C13. The C13 looks almost exactly like a C22 shape-wise, but the Frantic is far from the same shape as the C22. If you only find that the posts, nubs and anodization are the only differences between these yoyos, you should take a closer look.

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