Help! <My First Metal>

Hi everybody
I’m considering getting my first full metal yoyo.
What i actually want is something similar to a YoyoJam Speeder.
I know the closest would be a Meteor but I was looking at something from Yoyo Factory.
So I’ve narrowed it down to Frantic and C13.

Which is closer to a Speeder between the 2? In terms of shape, etc.

Which has a more stable spin and weight distribution?

I’ve read that adding hubstacks causes vibes and problems in the C13

I absolutely have no idea which of the 2 I should get

Erm… any ideas?

Thank for replying and providing me with your valuable knowledge :smiley:


C13 has better weight distribution, and the C13 is a bit larger so it’s closer in size to the Speeder. Adding hubstacks does cause a vibe, but the Frantic can’t even take hubstacks, so even though there would be a vibe hubstacks can work on the C13. But, the Frantic is about $20 less expensive. It’s your call, if money isn’t a problem, get the C13.

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Get a Meteor instead. You’re buying yoyos, not the brands. Or maybe get a Capsule whenever that comes out. Or you could just try something different. There’s a lot of yoyos out there and you might like something else than that angular shape.

I didn’t want to get a meteor as there is no stock here in Singapore and there wont be anytime soon. I’m not really buying for brand. More for availability

What are the choices? If you tell us we can narrow it down.

I would recommend the Frantic.

The extra cost is totally worth it. It has way better weight distribution and is very similar to the Speeder.

PS- This is my last post for a week or so… I’m going to the beach!!! ;D

The frantic is awesome the only thing is its wieght is more concentrated to the inside instead of the outside so its not spinning as fast at the end of sertian tricks. The c13 is more the same size and shape as the speedmaker and has better wieght distrabution and can take hubstacks.

Have fun!

yea what he said

Definetly the C13. I was considering buying a Frantic, but I researched a lot of reviews, and they all stunk. Apparently, the C13 is a really good yoyo.

So currently as it stands its the C13 over Frantic right?


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The c13

C13. I would have reccomended the dv888 or the BOSS though.

I know…
I haven’t fully decided yet…
so Frantic is knocked out leaving C13, Dv888 and BOSS…
Its and internal struggle!

He meant the C13…I know because he’s told me in person that it has better weight distribution, haha!

the c 13 is closer because its mutch thiner but the speeder is mutch mutvh wide. people may think its better but its nothing like a frantic. get a meteor

LMAO… thats funny i just got all three of these yoyos in one shippment. They are all good, but after playing with them all I am leaning towards the boss as my fav out of the three. Its very stable, grinds well especially on thumb grinds. Wished the c13 was anodized. The shape of the c13 is a lil wierd to but its great to play with something a lil different. Any ways like i said all are great but I would lean towards the boss. Its like a 888 on roids. minus the stacks.