Frantic vs. C13


I’d just like to hear your thoughts on these. I’ve got a Frantic and love it besides the rim weight. I was wondering if the Catch 13 has better rim weight. On YYN it says that the C13 is only 37 mm. wide. That makes it about 4 mm. skinnier than the M1, Hectic, and Frantic. That’s tiny!


Never played a 13, but getting one. I tried a 22 though, that was… 22 like.

Frantic is the awesome also.

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Here is my little review on the C13,5584.0.html
I like the C13 a lot and a very very big difference between the Frantic and the C13 is shape. These are two completely different yoyos. But both very good! I personally love the shape of the C13 it feels just right in the hand and I like the smaller, but still heavy yoyos.


I was thinking the shape was quite similiar, so I guess not. On YYN it says its only 63 grams as well, and the Frantic is 66 grams.

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I have tried a C13, it’s okay…

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I would say the C13 is a lot more defined than the Frantic.


Agreed. Its like they improved the Frantic.


Wait did you say at 37 mm wide it’s 4 mm skinnier than even the M1? That’s wrong. It’s almost 38 mm wide and the M1 is 35. I haven’t checked the SPECS on the others though.

The Catch13 is supposed to be much more rim weighted, and I believe it.


That’s scewy then. YYN is wrong. YYN says the Frantic is 41 mm, but it’s the exact same size as my M1. I measured and they’re both 35 mm.


personally i like the C13 better than the frantic. the frantic is a great yoyo dont get me wrong the sleep times are awesome and it has a very confortable profile but the C13 is just such a differnt play experiance its completly differnt than anything ive trown and ive trown a looootttt of yoyos in my time.


Pst. Sleep time isn’t a “stat” of any yoyo. It mainly depends on your throw.

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That’s weird… you should re-measure to be sure, and contact YYN.


pssst the guy asked for thoughts on the two not stats



Does anybody else have a Catch13? I do and I like it but it seems like the K-pad is really smooth and doesn’t provide much friction which means slippy binds. Anybody else have this problem?

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I have played one… it’s okay. Sometimes it binded sometimes it didn’t… I don’t know.