What is your oldest yoyo that is still M/NM?

Today I was playing with my Crucial Confection when it occurred to me that I’ve owned this thing for three years or so and there is not a mark anywhere on it. I thought to myself, “Wow, how have I kept a yoyo for three years and it has not been dinged once?!” I went through my entire collection and the only other “old” yoyo I own that is 100% ding free is a Shark vs. Zombie Beaver BvM that is around 5 years old is also remains in mint/near mint condition.

Obviously dings don’t matter. Personally, I really care if a yoyo is mint or ding free. I’m simply curious, what is the oldest yoyo you own that looks like it just came from the store and remains in brand new condition?

my 2 year old dv888. my 4 year old yomega dash is very, very, VERY beat up :’(

15 year old super yo samurai

My only mint yoyo is my Majesty, but I got that last week so that doesn’t count. I have like 20 throws and they all have marks of some sort. I like them though

My mutant DNA that I’ve had since 2011(when they came out) I also have 2 other mutant DNA’s I’ve had since a couple months after I got my first^^^one.

The new RecRev that Ill be buying when it comes out.

My Cliff is just over a year old and kind of beat. I only have 1 mint throw though so no surprise there.

Probably my Raider thats still in package.

Not sure you understood the point of the thread…

My oldest and mintest would have to be my Chief and Puffin; each are about a year old.

Mint yoyos? What’s a mint yoyo?

I think I seriously don’t have any mint yoyos. Some very close though, so I guess my winner is a pink Luis Genesis from Christmas (one flatspot… That’s it)



I have a YoYoFactory grind machine 2 (44 clash, purple edition) and Paul Han edition superstar that look like they have never been thrown. I purchased both of these in 2009.

Prototype USA Hatrick from around 2009-2010.

Whoa. Nice one!

My catch-22


My Cold Fusion from like 15 years ago ;D

One Drop Space Bat M1 from back in 2009.

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Wow, nice man. I guess there’s only really a handful of us that were yoyoing back in the late 90’s,just when throwing was starting to really take off.

I got a ProYo Ace and a SmallMinds Zombie that at my dad’s house that’s still in perfect condition from like 16 years ago. Man, those throws were pretty good for their time compared to how’s modern throws are now. :slight_smile:

Haha thanks, nice throws yourself. Yeah the yoyo boom hit when I was in 7th grade I just fell in love. My bumblebee was my go to, all around back throw then but went through so many. Got the cold fusion brand new at this store that was going out of business. It’s seen its fair share of play but was always super careful with it!

Just got back into throwing the end of last year and started unresponsive, still love it!