Oldest yoyo?


What yoyo do you have in your collection that has lasted the longest there and you still play occasionally?

For me it’s my recrev octave. 2 and a half years I believe… I recently sold a yoyo that was in my collection for 3 years.


Tom Kuhn no jive, flying camel, silver bullet (1)


I’ve had my 07 888 since 07. A few others too but that may be the oldest. Also some random plastics.


A no branded wooden yoyo that I got as a gift a long time ago.


1955 super tournament topps, yellow with silver stripe, also my first mod, she has a metal axle.


1968 Yellow Duncan Imperial, still being played after all these years!


(InvaderDust) #7

Ive got an old Bumblebee from the late 90’s. I cant believe it survived everything, the bearing was rusted shut, but after replacement, it still plays!


Haha. It’s a no-name looper (late 70’s early 80’s) with clear caps. I pulled them then installed pics of my sons. I used to joke to people that I had the most mixed up kids.

Cuz they got tossed around so much :joy::joy::joy:
They’re all grown up now and I’m a grandpa :thinking:

(rizkiyoist) #9

That is so adorable!
Now I wanna get married and have a kid or two just to do that…

(The Yo mast3r) #10

A very beat up Yomega Glide. Don’t use it very often anymore.


I’ve got my original yoyo still, a Hummingbird Smothers Brothers YoYo Man yoyo. I play it every once and awhile still. Also my Bee’s and Tornado’s from the mid 90’s.


Look what I found in my desk!


So it’s a Duncan?!? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: