Your Oldest Throw?


Just curious how old your oldest throw is that you still have and still throw.

My oldest is a Yomega Fireball Saber Wing. I got it 12 years ago but I still have it to date and i now loop with it.

Do they even make new saber wings anymore?

(SR) #2

Besides some old random yoyos from like the 80’s, my oldest modern yoyo has to be my original Dark Magic.


The old Velocity. About a year ago.


old velocity


Old Fireball from about '99 that’s really only any good for going up and down these days.



i have a set of duncan imperials from around 40 years ago, they belonged to my Dad


my Duncan proyo about 7 years old


Duncan Midnight special been in my possession since 1988.


Me too! And a Fireball I got at the same time.


M1 first metal still have it


First run Hitman, in box!


I think mine is a flying squirrel.


I have a wooden Duncan imperial from the '60s that I found in my Grandfather’s attic. I am extremely proud of it, and it still plays excellently.


BC Spitfire, or maybe that old yoyo from a Kawasaki convention.


Hummingbird Trickster. Made in 1986.


My dad’s old Duncan Special.


I have a Kusan twin twirler yoyo/top from the 60s that my father in law had lying around in his garage. When he found out I was throwing he went and dug it out from some little secret spot in there and gave it to me.


Hummingbird Yo-Yo man wooden imperial.


spyy punchline. got it 2 years ago. still mint :slight_smile:


Duncan Imperial. It’s not in great condition, but then I did find it in a box in my grandmothers house.