What is your favourite pocket throw?


Mine is the C3 Token, what do you guys think about it and other pocket throws?




My trigger


my trusty protostar. (look at the fav. yoyo :wink: )


Triggers are good


My beat Die-Nasty.

(SR) #7

I think the OP is refering to smaller yoyos, like the Dingo, MiniStar, Token, etc.
Rather than what you carry with you.

Out of those types, mine is a MiniStar


Who makes the minister? Mine is the popstar.

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Only General Yo, the best company in all of the world.
A review for you, my good sir. Includes pictures, all that good stuff.

Official General Yo


(Waylon) #10



Gotta go with the battosai


my dv888 small and affordable