What is your favorite yoyo?

(ed) #21

Thanks Mo - means a lot.
I got just the little No Jive logo in 2007, added the 3-in-1 and hex later that year, and then just had a different guy build a yo-yo around it in 08 or 09. It ended up being really big for a yo-yo tattoo, and it’s for sure not the best work I’ve had done, but the No Jive was (and remains) a transformative yo-yo for me. Like a little temple I had on my finger or in my pocket for years and years that I could go to anytime.
Anyway, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread - I love seeing all the favorites.

(Evan Landreneau) #22

ed1 Oh, don’t worry, your not hijacking this thread :grinning:


I’ve been really enjoying the Omnitron recently.


Looooove my Space Crown Ultra!

(eldollo) #25

Basecamp Navigator and the obligatory Shutter :crazy_face:


How does the Omnitron play?


Mg, Bape, B.S.P., Sov, and anything made by Skon.


The Omnitron plays fast but it still feels nice for more technical tricks and body tricks. It’s pretty well rounded. I feel like it’s probably best for an aggressive style but I don’t play very aggressively and I still really like it.

(Alessandro Vitellaro) #29

First version 7075 YYF Supernova, fantastic yoyo


Anti-Yo YWET, with the No Jive in second.

(ChrisFrancz) #31


To me, all yoyos and tattoos of yoyos are cool (I’ve only seen one) as are any people who get tats of yoyos. My arms are covered with ink but I’m gonna find space for a small one of that 1950’s Duncan yoyo cartoon guy (no logo).

(Evan Landreneau) #32

That’s cool!


Offset outlier


YYF singularity


Interesting! What do you like about the Singularity?


I really like the profile of the Singularity and the width is perfect for me. The step off the response pad makes it great for horizonal at least compared to the edge which I was using before. It also plays quickly but because its a bi metal you get a lot of control. My only gripe is that the laser engraving in the center makes it a little weird to finger spin.


Today it’s my hspin pyro light. Last week it was my hspin lily. Before that…

(Tyler) #38

My favorite would probably be my IceWoof, but my Shutter probably sees the most play as I’ve already dinged it lol.

(ZAC) #39

Right now my favorite is my OD Overture. That may be partially because it is the only new throw ive had in several months. Super fun and i love how smooth it is in the hand.

(Daeven Neeve) #40

Unprld flashback