What is your favorite type of tank?

I like green tanks.

Red tanks are my favorite.

Flim Flam Brothers.

I like dark green tanks.

Glad you started this one up, our previous underground thread was getting a little suspicious.

What’s wrong with you!? Blue is best.

Blue? You’re crazy Carl!

Fluttershy is indeed best

Yeah I do as well concur with blue tanks

That last thread was really getting suspicious I’m glad we can turn a new leaf. I hate Applejack.

Actually scratch that, I LOVE yellow tanks.

I agree that Fluttershy is the best. Twilight is a very close second though.

Blue is still best tank.

Yellow tanks are pretty cool too.

Thank god dean is finally on the fluttershy bandwagon.

Yellow is my favorite color.


Beep beep.

beep beep?

Everyone buy from yoyostorerewind!!!

Beep Beep, I’m a tank.

So thoughts on the third season so far? (Don’t worry, I know my priorities. I haven’t taken my focus off of our Josh Yee lead journey to ruin the forum.)


Tanks dont have horns silly!

Havent gotten into third season yet. #YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE#YEE

I have definitely seen some wonderful tank horns.

I think the characterization of the premier of the third season was a little lacking…

That is one fancy Abrham!

Dean its a cartoon. dont worry about character development.


Oh yellow tanks, I love you.

Yes, but it’s normally better… the premier felt really squished. Also most of what the main villain said was "NARGHERARGERHARGH MWAHAHA NARHGHER.