What is your favorite tool for knots?

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It was the same bearing, I tried flipping it, but it didn’t work.

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I grabbed one of these on amazon, they’re called o-ring pick tools.


Another fear I’ve seen people bring up…is that unscrewing/screwing can introduce vibe to a perfectly tuned yoyo.
It is not a fear I’ve ever had…though I’ve never been skilled enough where vibe actually bugs me in any way.


I bought a Masamini from @FrankieJR a while back…and he threw in a wooden knot picker. It has been insanely useful!


Unless it’s really vibey, vibe is overrated.

Some people spend their life fearing death. Obviously ‘most’ people don’t want to die. But eventually everybody dies. So, to spend your life fearing death is pointless. We all do what we can to stay alive and that is our side of the bargain for being allowed to live.

Likewise, ‘fearing’ to unscrew a yo-yo is a waste of time and mental energy. Very few yo-yos spin perfectly smooth. If you get one, congratulations. If it spins perfectly smooth when you first get it, enjoy every second of throwing it. If you have to take it apart for whatever reason. And when you screw it back together it possibly doesn’t spin as perfectly smooth, either try tuning the vibe out or just throw the yo-yo and don’t sweat it.

I can, to a degree, understand that the more expensive the yo-yo, the more anyone would feel the yo-yo should play with little or no vibe. But that is mainly a feeling of expecting more precision because of the price paid. A little vibe has no affect on: having fun… practicing freestyles or learning tricks.

I think the anti vibe preoccupation was born around the same time as yo-yos started costing over $100. I have. YYR Dazzler…. It has a little vibe. Same with my YYR Wonder… YYR Seventh Heaven… Ti Castle… Tinman… REX… my 2 TiWalkers… and dozens of other throws I won’t bother to mention… <<>> I should be having a cow, right? I’m not. Doesn’t faze me a bit.

Don’t let small things suck the energy out of your brain.


Honestly, at the highest level of play, nobody cares about vibe at all. You will see 3A players playing with yoyos that they have beat up so much that the yoyo has been literally stripped raw, all the anodisation is gone save for a few spots. You will find players like Evan Nagao who purposefully ding their yoyos so they can feel the yoyo vibing on the string. Competitors know very well that once they play with a yoyo, the yoyo will never ever be perfectly smooth, it’s just impossible, even if you don’t ding the yoyo. Vibe really only bothers the collectors who collect and resell yoyos so yeah.


First time I’ve heard vibe is induced because it’s a good thing, maybe even an “Edge” on the competition. That’s great :+1:


Perhaps I should ding more of my yoyos. Maybe then I can actually get good!


Just got this for knot picking on the go, TiPick (worlds smallest ti toothpick apparently). Super small, perfect keychain size, and big enough to get deep into tight gaps on throws like the weekender.


That’s the one I want. That’s cool.


Heck yea I still keep a couple laying around. I wanted one from zipline when they were out of stock. They sell them for a buck or two and they are engraved. its nifty.

When they were out and I lost the one I had from them originally, I found bags of them on amazon. Pretty sure they are made out of bamboo too but idfk.


Great overall tool to have not just for yoyo but in general. I also like tiny things :slight_smile:


Yes! A small multi-tool makes for a great yoyo tool! I use a Dime :slight_smile:


I’m really liking this. I’m going to try and pick one up. I’ve always preferred the gerber multi tools and I don’t remember seeing this one before.:+1:


It’s a nice tool…though if you get one, don’t use it for anything too heavy duty…I’ve seen images of people who have broken the little thing by trying to do too much with it.

The notch in the pliers fits PERFECTLY around C bearings though and is great for removing them!


Been using a MFD grip garage all holiday season. Looks pretty and functional.


This thing. Tip is perfect for picking knots, Blade for cutting string


Just use a toothpick, they’re free


Monkey finger. I don’t know if I’ve posted this before if so, sorry. But the rhino is the key.