What is your favorite special edition yoyo?

What is your fav special edition yoyo? It doesn’t matter is you got it or not. Just wondering…

Higby 888 or Starry night skyline!

Clareview station CLYW any of them

Half Usa unengraved hatrick.

Augie Fash G5+…

Any one have one? I’ll kill for one… Honest… NAme em… They’ll be in the obits monday…

USA Edition Hatrick. It looks so cool when its spinning…

Yoyoexpert Ed. Wooly Marmot looks amazing when it spins it turns fire orange and even when its not spinning it looks awsome! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

b grade 07888

Really? :frowning: I thought it looked pretty ugly.

Anyways, Jackie Moon P2. Or 28 Stories. Have both of them. :slight_smile:

Red engraved Wooly Marmot.
So plain, yet so cute. ;D

I got a 2007 camo edition X-convict

BA Hatrick, Black and silver. Great contrast.

Ocho 8 ocho.

keep spinning


USA edition Hatrick. Go USA

Homeslice X-Convict It just looks so awesome! :slight_smile:

“The Works” skywalker

undeniable genesis or starry night 888

I know my thread is older, but lets try again… what is it?

the incredible jon rob genesis

Team Edition Superstar.