Hatricks. those who have them usually love them and those who dont want them. there have been a couple of editions, but by far the coolest is the american one. people say it spurts purple at every change of direction and it is beautiful while spinning. but then i youtubed it and i couldn’t find a vid of an american hatrick. i know someone has one here and i challenge you to make a video. the tricks dont have to be impresive, just show the yoyo’s beauty.

If you are talking about a USA Ed. Hatrick never mind. But if you are talking about finding a vid on youtube of just a Hatrick, then here is one I made:

~James Reed! :wink:

He doesn’t seem to care about the original Hatrick. Only the USA Edition.

Another yoyoer that wears chucks!!! WOOOO!!!

usa edditon. I have my own yoyo vid of a hatrick

Uhh check out uhh either kumaskater or mattsk8nike on youtube me and matt mad multiple vids with his.