Got Hatrick?

I do. Here is my new video!

Comments well appreciated.


wow, your getting better. How long have you been yoyoing now? Though, i don’t understand why people like to continually make puns off of the old “got milk” commercial. Every were i look there’s some “got” somehting. Lots of them don’t make sense…

Very good video. I enjoy watching all the whips you do.

thanks guys! got hatrick was the first thing that came to me. I have been yoyoing for a year and like 3months.

Dude I love General Yo I love being local!

yeah I love general-yo too. I wish i was local.

Oh my gosh… you kick so much butt.

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Doesn’t he?

haha thanks samad!

AWSOME MAN!!! :smiley:

good job your only like 10 and just as good as me

very nice job.

wow that was really good and nice hattrick

thanks guys!

all of your videos are so insain!!!
you are awesome!!!
your whips are awesome!

THATS r.a.d!

That was really sick. I only have one complaint, and it doesn’t even have to do with your yoyoing. My problem is that Loud Pipes doesn’t really seem to fit your video…

that is all

thanks guys! Yeah I ran out of songs.

oh so that is why