Two Years

Well, I’ve been yoyoing for two years now, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. :smiley: Some tricks came out a little sloppy, and I actually didn’t catch the yoyo after a few of the tricks (which I didn’t even realize during filming), but it’s all good. Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! ;D

I love your style- overall great video. Thanks!

Happy 2 years :slight_smile:
Glad you and your special skill toy have been together for this long

gahh so good

i like your style! everytime i see one of those “2 year” videos i think to myself if i´ll be that good after 2 years of playing… i´m at about 7 months now and not really happy with my play yet :wink: well, throw more is the answer i gues :smiley: hope you had a great 2 years! and your style is great!

love your tricks

So good!

pocket-tee swagga

You’re a lot better than I am after 2 years…

Thanks everyone!

You know it.

It’s alright man. I mean, I know that doesn’t sound very encouraging and isn’t a great response really, but you’ll get there. I’m sure you have some really nice tricks. :slight_smile:

This impressed the crap out of me. Figuratively.

Thats good.

Haha. :smiley: Thanks!


Very Nice. Super smooth type of style.

Thanks man!

Bump. ;D

Final bump.