Too Yeers : Two Years


My Two Year video.




nice work and good job on the progress. your tricks look real smooth and connect pretty good. keep it up and get some more vids coming!


Thank you for the kind words, I am also very pleased with my progress. Bump btw


Very good man. I have been yoyoing for two years and I am nowhere as good as you haha, but very good content man I liked it.


Too many links haha. Ok, to start I’ll give you some pros and cons
pros: sweet tricks, you have a nice, clean style, and you didn’t not chop out the tricks.
the cons are mostly edited related: Your head was chopped off in some of the shots, the slow motion I think was a little over done (I only think it would be good at a faster slowness and with a better camera), and the tricks seemed a little random. But nice work for two years.


Thank you all for your comments, I don’t have a camera so I was filming it on my phone. Thank you again, it really means a lot to me.