Hatrick (comments Appreciated)

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Hi guys this is my new video with my New hatrick. I hope you guys like it. comments Appreciated. Tell me what you think? Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BToBYTOz89I

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BUT GOOD VID :slight_smile:


smooth very smooth
you have lots of swagger ;D
ur the next jon rob


nice vid…how does the hatrick play??

(202andrew) #7

smoothest yoyo ever. very good! get one!

(202andrew) #8

thanks but jon rob does 5a.


I want one so bad but I just got a punchline and I love it but if there’s more future runs I will definetly get one!

(SR) #10

Dude those tricks were beast!

I love the Hatrick so much.


i know he does 5a as his main but see him 1a at yt

(Hardcore_Max) #12

very smooth man, now I have something to aim for.

(202andrew) #13

1a is my main style. I just like 5a a lot.

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thanks guys for all the good comments.


WOW WOW WOW i never knew the hatrick could do all of that!!!
you are very very good!!!
i saw some of your other videos and this is the best

               p.s. remember me


wow. just wow. Dude, it would be a great help if you either made a tut, or tell us where to find one on the trick starting at 4 seconds. no joke that was utter sweetness

(202andrew) #17

thanks! In the near future i will make a tut on that.