What is your favorite one drop


Want to try a one drop


It’s a toss-up(sorry) between the Code 2 with disc side effects and a stock Code 1. I do find me playing that Code 2 a lot more recently, but that’s because it’s heavy and I prefer heavy yoyos.

I have many One Drops. Each is different and each I like for those reasons.


How does the dingo play?




The Dingo is a bit dated, in that price range you’d be better off getting a Cafe Racer. Didn’t they discontinue Dingo’s anyways?


i love my dietz, smoothest grinds i’ve ever had


most popular (and my 2 favorites) are the code 2 and the cascade. but there was already a thread for this, look up “best of one drop” on these forums and you might be able to find it.


The shape of the Dietz was clearly designed with grinds in mind. This is an amazing under-sized throw.

(SR) #9

Code 2


I just saw some on yye


CODE 2 does it for me.


(Zammy Ickler ) #12

Right now its currently the Cascade. Undersized and wide with unique character to it.



As far as One Drop throws go, I live and die by the Code 1.

But this Cascade I got this weekend is wetting my chops very nicely. It’s really fun, and I’m not sure why. Like Zammy said, it’s wide. And it’s also got a comfy, organic-ish shape.


I love all my One Drops…

  1. Cascade
  2. 54
  3. Code 2
  4. Burnside
  5. Y Factor
  6. Deitz
  7. Dang
  8. Cafe Racer
  9. Code 1

As it’s been pointed out - it depends on what you want to do… the Cascade fits my flow… but it’s not a super traditional style… for that I would go to the Burnside or Code 2… I’d take the C2 over Burns - just because of the Side Effects…