What is your favorite looking trick


So what is your favorite trick to watch, not necessarily to do. I personally like the look of Lotus bloom and Pyjama Man because they are both so smooth and flowy

(Yiyang Wang) #2

The “wave”. I have a variation of the wave from Marcus Koh, and it is my favorite trick to look and to do.


The trick that starts at 0:26 seconds…  :o


thank you for giving me my new favorite video. Anthony does some insane stuff but I haven’t seen anything that insane wow just wow.

My favorite trick from the spectator standpoint starts at 0:43 and ends at 0:49. Why does Anthony Rojas have to be so good?


Jesse Christe’s Water Mill

(Cerulean) #6

I’ve always liked circular eli hops. They’re so majestic

(major_seventh) #7

Rancid Milk and Classic Yuuki Concepts.

But Charles has to do them :stuck_out_tongue:


charles is da man

(Owen) #9


Also Alex Gallimore has a super smooth and fun-to-watch style.


I like tricks that Aaron Davis comes up with. Like aeroslactyl even though it’s not too complicated, it’s still cool seeing him do it. As well as all his other ones. And I can’t forget chucks tricks too.

(H.J.Fras) #11

Anything by aaron davis


is anything the name of the trick? Or are you saying that everything Aaron Davis does is great to look at?


Personally I love the trick revolutions. It’s very simple in mounting and the concept, but the effect it gives is awesome. Always leaves the non-yoyoers in awe :wink:


Candy Rain.

(H.J.Fras) #15

haha sorry. I mean everything he does is amazing looking


anything in this video  :slight_smile:


slack tricks and tricks that trick you into thinking you’re tricked :o


Anything by Riccardo Fraolini. Definitely mind blowing! check out his Instagram blablanchard.


Stripes by Clint Armstrong is
really visually appealing.