What is your age?


I have noticed several older players writing on “introduce yourself” and being 68 I wonder how many grandparents are throwing.

(InvaderDust) #2

34 here and going strong!


53 and a grandpa of two. :slight_smile:


35 here…have kids, no grandkids though


28 and an uncle to three lovable little runts I enjoy throwing food at. Hahahaha being an uncle is fun :smiley:

(yospeedracer) #6

55, 3 kids 5 grandkids. i came back to the hobby a year ago after a 40 year hiatus.


52 with 2 kids - no grand-kids yet!


Geez, a lot of you guys are old. ::slight_smile:


Don’t you love it?

(yospeedracer) #10

after 2 widow maker heart attacks and now a pacemaker keeping track. no more mountain biking. so…yoyo
i am totally loving it… i hit triple or nothing today 5 times in a row.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #11

According to my profile I’m only 266. Seems about right. Some day I might grow up, maybe, nah ain’t gonna happen.


Amazingly; in 200 years I’ll also be 266.

Go figure…


Juggling is very good for the mind, yo-yoing is similar.
There are tests (scans of brain activity) as to the benefits of juggling.


I was born on Leap Year Day…so I am 15 and 1/4… ;D


Just take your time getting there.


Well, actually; if you had 2 widow maker heart attacks; then you successfully hit 2 quintuple or nothings in a row.:nerd_face:

Hey, stick around… I dont know ‘what’s next’ but I have heard ya gotta stay there a hella long time🙀

Personally I have a top 10 things to do list. And dropping dead just didn’t make the list.


I can’t decide between 18-25 and 25-50. I’m 25.


Your not farting dust yet - but you most certainly fall between the 25-50 year bracket ;D


oops! My bad.

(yospeedracer) #20