What is Tocas?


I was looking for a new yoyo on Amazon, specifically the Magic Yoyo N12. When I looked it up, the full name was Tocas ® Magic Yoyo N12. Is this fake? It seems like it to me, because I compared 2 different N12s on Amazon and one says “by Magic Yo” below while the one with Tocas says “by Tocas”

If anyone knows whether Tocas is legit or not, it would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Looks like the distributor

If you look at the manufacturer farther down you’ll see that it still says magic-yo


Are we looking at the same thing? I can’t post the link but if you search
“Tocas® Magic YOYO N12 Alloy Aluminum Metal Professional Yo-yos Toy Yo Yo Ball with 1 Gloves And 5 Strings-Green With White”
I think that is the exact name. It should be the 2nd thing if you search that on Google.
On that page, I don’t see where it says the manufacturer.
Also, the reason it looks suspicious to me is because it says at the bottom if you scroll down:
“Hubstacks : Yes” ???


Only one way to find out ;D

Might be best to ask these questions elsewhere though


Where? :slight_smile:
Thanks anyways,


Somewhere without a store.