Magic yoyo




They are legit. There are plenty of people selling the stuff via Ebay. There is also at least one online retailer carrying some of their stuff. Good stuff at super low prices. Serious. This stuff is way underpriced.

Most of the Ebay sellers are anxious to get the stuff into your hands fast. Since most are operating out of China, expect to wait around 10 days if you’re West Coast and 15 if you’re East Coast, although your wait times can vary. I once got one in as short as 5 days, but usually it takes longer.


What about yoyo base they sell them?


dunno where they’re base at but i can tell you , there are absolutely no.1 choices . The spin time , the smooth of the yoyo ,… everything about the Magic yoyos is the best and too cheap to be true ^^


I don’t know about YoYoBase since I can get them way cheaper via Ebay.

I got the T5 for like $12 shipped and it’s one of my favorites.


Any one els know about yoyo base


Yoyobase lloks a bit sketchy. I would go through Ebay. Better buyer protection.


I got my T5 for $9 each, $10 after shipping.

They are probably the best choice for your first metal. Cheaper than Aoda and Auldey, but better reputation than either of them.

Most of their throws are made from 6063 aluminium, a softer but easier to proccess material than 6061, except for their “higher end” throws, namely N10, N11, and N12, which uses 6061.


We’re did you buy from?


You can find them on amazon easy just type in magic Yoyo planning on getting a few after my birthday