Magic yoyo help


Can anyone give me some info on this company? I would like to know if these are a quality yoyo.


Basically there a company
Out of china that sells good aluminum and or metal Yoyos for a cheap price that aren’t half bad you can find them mostly on amazon.


I have the Desperado by Magic Yoyo, which sells for about $40, but you can get them for $13 on ebay, brand new. It plays amazingly for the price. It’s very stable, has a decent spin time (about 2-3 minutes) and grinds very well. I haven’t tried any of their other throws, but the Desperado is worth buying. It outplays yoyos even in the $50-60 range.


I have no problems or issues with this company. I often wonder how sellers of this product make any money with this brand, but that’s not my problem.

The prices are cheap. The quality is surprisingly good. I have to say that while all the models don’t work well for how I play, they are all well made. My luck with this brand has been very satisfying, so I would have little issue recommending them to others. I have I think 10 of their yoyos, and the new Shark is dropping any day now and I want to get that.


I have 2, have tried 2 others and love them all. They’re great yoyos for a low price.


I like Magic Yoyo. I actually own a N8 Dare To Do and I like it.


Magic YoYo are amazing… Especially the T5 Overlord model. The T5 is their most mature model to me and it plays extremely well. I’ve tried 3 other models including the Magistrate which is also very good. All played amazingly. Can’t believe it really.


Thumbs up on yoyomagic i bought a n9 and loved it.

  • Chinese
  • Extremely cheap
  • Better reputation than Aoda or Auldey
  • Uses 6063 aluminium (compared to 6061 like Aoda, Auldey, or non-premium collection YoYoFactory)
  • You should not pay more than $15 for the T5-T10, N5-N8 models.
  • N10, N11, and N12 uses 6061-T6


Interesting. Where did you get the info about the alloys used?

#11 Representatives from the manufacturers frequent the forum and post info, sneak peaks, and community giveaways there.