Magic Yoyo


Anyone heard of Magic Yoyo?
Don’t they have super cheap metals?
What’s their quality?


I think they use alloys instead of aluminum, so… Not good…


Magic yoyo is a Chinese company. Because of this, they can make things cheaper than in the US or Canada or something. They are certainly of a lower quality than YYR or General yo, but they play well for triple the asking price regardless.

(WildCat23) #4

No, they defiantly use aluminum alloys, just like every other metal that isn’t titanium or magnesium.


Yes. I have hear of them. Got 13 of their yoyos.

Yes, they are super cheap in price metals.

The quality is fine. I’m pleasantly surprised and very pleased with their products. Really good stuff. My only issues are the responses tend to kind of suck stock, but mine are fine. Also, the bearings are hit and miss. I’ve so far been lucky on that too.


I bought a T5 from Magic Yoyo. I have to agree with Studio42. The response sucks bad, but once you take it out, put silicone in, and then clean or change the bearing they perform just as good as yoyos that cost much more.


I hear the n12 magic yoyo is Isa god for the price. And very many people have the n5 (its like a superwide) and I think the t8 Is good.


Well, I took a lot of time into researching MYY when I was buying their products…

If you take time, looking into the t5, you’ll notice there’s some variations in engravings. I believe the older versions had crappier response. Who knows.

Anyway, I bought a T5 and a N12, they were both absolutely amazing. The bearings were awesome, concave 10 balls (if you order direct from China). The response in mine were fine also…

Long story short, they play as good as $100+ yoyo’s and they are 1/10 the price. Get a N12.