magicyoyo eBay. real or fake?

Hi guys im new to throwing and purchased two n12’s on eBay. It is on the way to my place. The low price got me thinking whether the yoyos are genuine or fakes. I enquired about another yoyo (m002 April) and the sellers reply was that the yoyo is a “third party” item.

Anyone received fakes when buying magicyoyo on eBay? If so, how do I identify the sellers who sell the ggenuine

I thought the attraction of Magiyoyo was that they were cheap to begin with.

yes, but the n12’s that i purchased were like 10 usd. Even that seemed too cheap to be true! or maybe it’s just my previous bad experiences with fake ebay goods that got me wary.

Never heard that there are fake Magic yoyos. A friend of mine got n12 from Ali for like 10 bucks and free shipping and it was a real deal.

thanks alot for the confirmation. Once bitten twice shy for me but seems that you guys have eased my doubts. Thanks!

I’ll send a PM with a store location from MagicYoYo. I would recommend the stores featured on the MagicYoYo site or the link that will be sent to you via PM soon. I’m leaving store information off the board since it falls outside the forum rules.

Thanks. But sadly im in singapore and dont have access to any of those stores. I have checked with another eBay store and he said that his product is NOT manufactured by the original magicyoyo. Weird…