What is this aluminum yoyo?

I have tried to figure out what this yoyo is with no success! I traded into it.

Dimensions are about 53.3mm wide and 44.5mm wide. It uses a C bearing.

Looks like this…

The response on it is getting pretty loose even with brand new strings. My binds keep falling out. This is a recent problem. Any help towards what this is would be appreciated!

Merry Christmas!

can you show a pic of the guts? I want to say its a BIST Pegasus.

Definitely not. Looks amazing though whatever it is…

This is the guts. The “axle” is all thread and screws out of both sides.

Sorry this photo sucks lol.

Makes me think of a Lesula and Monkey Fist had a baby.

I always thought it looked like a General Yo but the outer rim is too wide.

It is tricky… The guy I got it from was not the original owner so he had no idea either lol.

looks like a SPYY yoyo but I’m not sure which one
how does it play?

It is on par with my One Drop Dingo as far as sleep time and smooth nice. I gave it a nasty ding (string broke on a hard throw over concrete) and it has a little vibe now. The wide v makes it pretty easy to land on the string.

I am still pretty new at the more advanced yoyo and don’t have anything to compare it to other then the much smaller and narrower Dingo.

well i sure as hell didn’t like the dingo when i used it (it belonged to my friend)
thats too bad about the vibe, keep using it and see if you like it better

More like it looks like a modified version of the pegasus.
Looks like someone shaved down a b!st pegasus.

I have a metal lathe and some skill I think it might get repaired. I don’t want to mess with it to much until my 54 arrives. I would hate to e without a full size throw.

It certainly is an odd yoyo. It looks like a lot I things but nothing I have seen matches it exactly. If I knew what it was I would be interested in other stuff from the company.