Does anyone know what yoyo this is?

(Shaneola) #1

So I got it in a trade and I was told it was a B.I.S.T. Pegasus so that is what I have been listing it as on the forums. It has, however, been brought to my attention that this yoyo does not look much like a B.I.S.T. Pegasus, so does anyone know for certain what exactly this is? Here are the pics.

Specs are approximate

Diameter: 50 mm
Width: 39 mm
Bearing: Something smaller than a C size, not exactly sure.


Looks like a knockoff evil yo, but other than that I have no idea, sorry


Might be a raw H-Spin NVX. If you dont like it i will gladly take it off your hands

(DOGS) #4

I don’t think it’s an NVX. The spikes are different, and the inner wall with the bearing/response looks bigger.

Can we have pictures of the response area?

(Shaneola) #5

I put up a guts picture.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Prototype Pegasus.
If you ever let go of that thing, let us know.


(Shaneola) #7

I’m not completely sure who “us” is, but sure, I’ll trade or sell it.


Looks more like a centaro slim. Nothing like any pegasus proto I’ve seen. Including the one I had.


Yeah. It more look like a centauro …


if you ask me i think it looks like that one yo-yo. you guys know, the kind you throw. Right, you understand


Exactly. It’s that yoyo. Completely!

(Shaneola) #12

Ok guys, this is up in my B/S/T thread if anyone is interested.