what is the.......

What is the best yoyo(in your opinions)for long complex string tricks. I prefer something that can spin for a while and do horizontal. Preferably blasted. My max price is around $100. Looking into the summit and set sail.

lol, pretty much any high end yoyo will do what you’re looking for. Even the nicer budget YYF’s can do all that and beyond, especially the Too Hot.

My favorite yoyo might just be the Prestige… or the Space Cowboy… but that’s just me.

Ok, so pretty much go with a random high end yoyo and it’ll do what I want, works for me

Pretty much yeah. They’ll all be able to handle the same tricks, but some’ll be floaty, some more solid, different shapes, aluminum… etc.

yeah i don’t like floaty that much, and i want wide shape

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Whoops meant to quote.

I’d just get a Cowboy. Those are really good.

There’s a lot of other nice bi-metals out there as well though if your budget’s higher.

You want the Markmont Classic.

I have a markmont classic, I can’t pull of horizontal all that well.
If you want something capable of anything, ex horizontal and longer tricks. Get a bimetal (Spacecowboy/Picovox) or a CLYW chief or advanced scout