What is the worst yoyo you own?

I think this one is self explanatory. It works, but not well.


It’s a good thing they patented it…


Probably this one YYE edition replay pro from when YYF was rlly promoting it.
They basically stopped checking them and a lot (including mine) came with unplayable vibe and stuck bearings


I was planning on getting this down the road. I’m no fixed pro so maybe the weight wont bother me? Any budget fixed throws you’d reccomend?

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Out of my collection it’s the yyf skyline, objectively a good yoyo. Plus hubstacks are awesome, but it’s a little brick that binds weird sometimes and it tries to kill me on the regular so we have a complicated relationship.


Exactly what I’ve always imagined this yoyo plays like lol @CaptainFoxxButt

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Duncan dragonfly. Response is worn out so you have to bind it…

No this

I think I got a crappy one def worst wooden yoyo ive ever played with response is real weird on it

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What he said! Some people have too much free freaking time on there hands. For sure.