what is the standard protocol for receiving the wrong yoyo.


bought a pro on the BST and he sent me a trinity. I dont wanna pay to have it shipped back to him and have the hassle of the actual shipping process…

(Waylon) #2

Why don’t you ask the seller?


Keep in mind that most aspects of a BST deal are between the buyer and seller. There is no “protocol” as such.


The seller should pay for the shipping cost, or at least reimburse you, as it was his mistake…not yours. Definitely contact the seller to make arrangements for a fix.


This happened to me once. My feeling was that the seller should pay whatever it cost to make things right, and he agreed. He sent me funds to ship it back, then sent me the correct yoyo.


But I don’t wanna have to go through all of the trouble of shipping a yoyo that’s not even mine or for me!


If you want this deal worked out, you have to cooperate a little bit as well. If he agrees to reimburse you for the shipping, the least you can do is take the time to ship it back. How else do you think this is going to get resolved? Elves and fairies maybe???


Mordo, while it was someone else’s error, we all make mistakes…it was likely a human error. If you are made “whole” in the end by being reimbursed for shipping, it is no real loss to you. Most sellers will include extra string or whatnot for your inconvenience…or even discount you a tad on the originally purchased yo-yo. But, the seller cannot do any of that extra, until he gets the yo-yo back. If you would rather keep the Trinity, you should still notify the seller that you received the wrong yo-yo, that it is a Trinity, and ask him if you can keep it instead. If he says no, you should return it. I almost sense you would rather keep the Trinity. Do you like it?

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What do you think the seller should do to make it right?


There is also the chance that two packages were shipped which may mean someone else got your pro…


We worked it out. Ya someone else has my pro so hes gonna give me 10 bucks so i will ship with some to spare.


Sounds reasonable. I hope it works out, and you end up with the Pro or a refund. Best of luck.


Same happened with me a while back. I ended up just paying him for the mistakenly shipped yoyo for a very nice price. Pretty much half off retail for a mint condition because he sent the wrong yoyo :smiley:


Hey, that’s my Trinity lol


haha my pro!


You didn’t damage it, did you :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. But I hate it… I did try it lol do u mind? U can try my pro… Lmk how it plays lol


I don’t mind lol And how could you hate something as great as the Trinity?! Anyway, the guy intercepted the package before it got to me.


What do u mean? Intercepted? I really don’t like the trinity lol sorry…


BTW I find it very odd that you needed them to pay you more than the cost for shipping when you’re sending out yoyos on a daily basis it seems. Seems like you were taking advantage of them