If something is lost in the mail...

Things are very rarely lost in the mail, but it does happen. In my 200+ trades over the years it has happened twice. I don’t believe that the issue has ever been discussed as to who must take responsabity in this situation. I would like to go on record and make it official.
The shipper is the one to take responsibility in the event of shipping loss. If this means a yoyo has to be shipped back (as in a trade) then it will be. I feel the return shipping cost should be paid by the holder of said yoyo.
I do not think that any shipping reembursment should be awarded to the original shipper of the yoyo that must be sent back.
Any thoughts or anything to add?

I wholeheartedly agree on the first part dizzo. If someone sends something to you in a BST transaction, and they claim that the item they sent to you was “lost” in the mail, and they have no proof of delivery, such as a tracking number, they incur the loss. I believe that if all of the above is true, the original shipper incurs the loss.

In the second part, it seems you are addressing a situation where an item is received, but it was not as described. If that yo-yo has to be sent back for a refund, I agree that the original shipper should reimburse the dissatisfied party for the return shipping. After all, it’s their fault that the yo-yo is not as described, so they should bear the loss and the cost of it getting shipped back.

There is nothing worse than receiving something and it is not as it was described, then you end up spending out of pocket to send it back. It’s not right, and it shouldn’t happen.

Nothing to really add…just an Amen to that.

My take on this is simple…

If something you ship doesn’t arrive, it’s on you. If you insured the package properly, you can file a claim and get your money out of it that way. You need to refund whatever was paid.

If you ship a yoyo as a trade and it doesn’t arrive, it’s still on you. Either return what you got, or pay the equivalent value if the other person finds that acceptable. Again resolve it on your end with an insurance claim with the shipping company.

If you get something that isn’t as described, deal is reopened entirely. At that point you have every right to return the yo-yo at THEIR expense, or alter the terms of the agreement… requiring a partial refund, etc.

I have had quite a few things vanish over the years into the abyss of the post office. When I was living in florida it was pretty common really… not sure if that particular post office just stole stuff or what… but it happened rather a lot and cost me tens of thousands (most of which was recovered via claims). I recently had two packages go missing almost simultaneously … one of which wasn’t insured (not a high enough value on it to bother) and one that I’m currently disputing with usps.