what is the most slippery string ?


hey ! i dont know if i am at the right place but is there a string that is very slippery out there ? i relly have an hard time searching since my english is not so good so it’s kinda hard to find keywords some time but yeah is there a string that have the feeling of when your yoyoing after being in a pool for 6h and your finger look like your 80 years old but that is still durable and good at slack and whip that i could buy in 100 pack in neon green ?


Angel Hair and Alchemy String are both quite slippery. I’ve only ever been able to buy them from European stores.


are nylon kitty similar beacause i can’t find lime in 100 pack


i know it’s early for a bump but i combine shipping with a friend to get a lower price and he is kinda waiting after me know :smiley: are nylon kitty simmilar to angel hair ? or as slippery and durable


I haven’t tried nylon Kitty, but both are nylon so I would assume it’d be around the same ‘slipperyness’.


Kitty nylon isn’t that slick. I have a bunch and it’s alright but I’m not in love with it. Also doesn’t whip all that well, not notably long lasting. Toxic snakes start out fairly slick and whip well but they get hairy. That, combined with the semi-thick nature of the string make for frustratingly unpredictable binds with small gaps. Toxic dragons (and drakens) are just about the slickest of the slick. They whip like mad and last about as long as anything you’ll find but only come in white. Unfortunately it’ll probably take some trial and error on your part to figure out what you like. I did recently try some of Jake Elliot’s Grand Rapids string and I’m really happy with it. I’d say it’s like regular YYR string but a smidge thicker. Also comes in green I believe if that is a must have for you


it’s hard to find the perfect string ^^ there is always a thing and for the color i have a prefference on green beacause its an habit and i think it would feel weird if i had to do a change what’s your experience with that ? and the Jake Elliot’s Grand Rapids string look good but the price is high , is the guy cool with dropping prize ? and the toxic dragon is just a big NO c’mon 7 $ for a 10 pack ? thank you guys very much i don’t have a lot of experience with string since before i started yoyoing back 2 month ago, i didnt even know a string needed to be change !


Well, I’m red/green colorblind, so locating quickly moving red or green strings poses a problem, but other than that I don’t really worry about color much. I’m usually a white or yellow fan. As far as price, they might be higher, but the dragons last a long time, so it’s a give and take.


As Rosenburg mentioned, pretty much any Toxic variant. Standard toxics, Dragons/Drakens are all pretty much as slippy as it gets. Standard toxics are so slick that you have to use a special knot just to keep them on your finger, haha. ;D

Sure, they may be more expensive than regular string, but that’s because they’re specialised. If you want “the most slippery string” than there is, then you’re going to need to pay a little more for it.