What is the first trick I should learn on the wrist mount?


Hey guys, im half way through advanced part 1 on this site, and I feel lke tricks on the wrist mount will be super hard, and I shouldn’t learn really advanced stuff like spirit bomb yet… So what’s a easy, cool trick in the wrist mount?


Magic trick by ann connolly… It’s a great trick and doesn’t take long to master

(M.DeV1) #3

Wrist mount Green triangle.

Spirit bomb.

(Alex Fairhurst) #4



Wrist mount green triangles are really easy. There are some videos of these on highspeedyoyo.com


A couple of hours ago I learned two GT’s from it.


Double green triangle is easy, and I remember it was my go to trick when I first learnt it because it looked so impressive!


I would practice going from Wrist Mount into pocket mount, because the possibilities from there are endless. It’s also a pretty safe trick, meaning if you accidentally drop something you usually don’t end up in a knot


pocket mount? never heared about it


Pocket mount? Hmmm ill look it up and try it


Wristmount barrel rolls to a GT


First wrist mount trick I learned was Spirit Bomb. :wink: Be ambitious!

Wrist mount boingy-boing is quite easy.

I also second Magic Trick, which is HANDS-DOWN the most “do that again!” requested trick I get when yuggles stop me in public for an impromptu yoyo show. People love it. I always get the person who requested the trick to “blow” the tangle of string out rather than doing the hand-clap thing.


I’ve seen both of those tricks. They look very intimidating! I’ll try ons if em tomorrow, to late now.


Bottle rocket’s fun


Is it hard? Well, is it easier than magic truck/spirit bomb?
And while im posting, is magic trick easier than spirit bomb?


Magic trick is easier than it looks in the tutorial. It’s far easier than Kwyjibo, for example.


yes I agree. It’s a trick that can be done slowly. So you can easily see every move you make.
As for bottle rocket. It’s probably on the same level as spirit bomb. But some people learn faster than others. So if you excel in the moves in BR then it’ll be easy, so ultimately it’s difficulty is up to you.


Okay, about to try magic trick! Im excited!!!
I’ll edit this and tell you how im doing
edit: jeez! That was so easy! I landed magic trick my first try. ;D :smiley: :smiley: ;D


So i get no credit for being thefirst person to recommend magic trick? I see how it is…


clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap!!! YayayayyayYyaaaaaa!!! Andyyyyyyyyy!!! Yipeeeeee! Congratulations for suggesting it first!!!¡