Wrist mount tricks


I just learned how to do the wrist mount and wanted to know what are some tricks that can be preformed from a wrist mount, I already learned Magic trick, Magic knot, and am learning spirit bomb, but what other tricks are out there?




ahh i looked at superman and it seems a little adnavced for me do you know any tricks that are more intermediate?


Uum not that I can think of sorry.


The green triangle from wrist mount and wristpeater


Yep, green triangle from wristmount is the one I’m working on. It’s a cool trick.




This should give you a start.


Those videos look great!!! Thank you! Is the wrist mount meant for more advance tricks? or are there only a few tricks that use the wrist mount?


no there are not these are just a few easy ones I know of.


Can’t believe nobody mentioned the Wrist Mount Project yet. Pretty much the gold standard when it comes to learning wrist mount stuff.




Here’s 10 mins of easy wrist mount tricks for you.